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Welcome to Investment Musings! My name is Dharam Shah, and I'm the founder of Investment Musings, a place to enable not only Intelligence and but also Brilliance in your Investment Decisions. Further we address topics on latticework of mental models, Value Investing, Undervalued Stocks, Stock Analysis, Mutual Funds, Investment Plans, Investment Strategies, Investing Money, and so on, which will help at your journey towards financial success. At Investment Musings, it is truly my greatest heart's desire that New as well as Experienced Investors will find the required thought process for fulfillment their financial goals. I will share my thoughts with you on how to make money in stock markets, and will also provide practical example.

I also share thoughts and ideas on latest news, social issues, motivation, inspiration, online Business, entertainment, lifestyle, Travel and so on. Investment Musings is created to help you to get desired returns on investments and accomplishment of your financial goals.