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AI | 10 Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today

AI | 10 Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today

AI | 10 Applications of Artificial Intelligence

In Use Today

AI is human intelligence portrayed by machines that helps machines to think and function like humans only. Machines track down the repeated behavior of algorithms and events and produce results accordingly. Some examples of AI are SIRI, Self driven cars, chess playing computers, Netflix etc. By using appropriate technologies machines are trained for data recognition and better use of data.

But a true AI system is the one that thinks of its own… Isn’t it?

Although the age of technologies is taking over rapidly AI got recognized by people recently and the process is still in a work in progress. We are still experiencing the changes in our day to day lives and AI is not at its full potential as of now since it still rely over past patterns and not the pattern of its own but a true example of AI is Google answering options that make sense out of words sent, not on any past patterns. Mostly its an era of predictive marketing and machine learning which is a way to AI. Whatever you search whatever you type is tracked and used( for your better experience as claimed by organizations) to get the perfect marketing platform.
For example- I was searching for some furniture item 2 days back and now all my social sites are flooded with that websites’ particular items and schemes. Well, this is the kind of predictive marketing which some people confuse as AI ( By some people i am referring to a layman).

In coming time, AI is going to change every industry and we must know its limits and importance. No doubt it is a very specialized tool to find accurate answers from enormous data sets. But one system can be designed for only a specific function. We cannot expect a chess playing AI to run a car or an AI of Health care premium to calculate your Tax liabilities.

AI can be either the best or worst thing that can happen to humans. Machines have already replaced many humans and there is more to come but looking at the other side of it , why not enjoy the alluring benefits of AI and try to fix into this ever evolving world?

The truth is that, whether or not true A.I. is out there or is actually a threat to our existence, there’s no stopping its evolution and its rise. Humans have always fixated themselves on improving life across every spectrum, and the use of technology has become the vehicle for doing just that. And although the past 100 years have seen the most dramatic technological upheavals to life than in all of human history, the next 100 years is set to pave the way for a multi-generational leap forward.

This will be at the hands of artificial intelligence. A.I. will also become smarter, faster, more fluid and human-like thanks to the inevitable rise of quantum computing. Quantum computers will not only solve all of life’s most complex problems and mysteries regarding the environment, aging, disease, war, poverty, famine, the origins of the universe and deep-space exploration, just to name a few, it’ll soon power all of our A.I. systems, acting as the brains of these super-human machines.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today

#1 — Siri

Everyone is familiar with Apple’s personal assistant, Siri. She’s the friendly voice-activated computer that we interact with on a daily basis. She helps us find information, gives us directions, add events to our calendars, helps us send messages and so on. Siri is a pseudo-intelligent digital personal assistant. She uses machine-learning technology to get smarter and better able to predict and understand our natural-language questions and requests.

#2 — Alexa

Alexa’s rise to become the smart home’s hub, has been somewhat meteoric. When Amazon first introduced Alexa, it took much of the world by storm. However, it’s usefulness and its uncanny ability to decipher speech from anywhere in the room has made it a revolutionary product that can help us scour the web for information, shop, schedule appointments, set alarms and a million other things, but also help power our smart homes and be a conduit for those that might have limited mobility.

#3 — Tesla

If you don’t own a Tesla, you have no idea what you’re missing. This is quite possibly one of the best cars ever made. Not only for the fact that it’s received so many accolades, but because of its predictive capabilities, self-driving features and sheer technological “coolness.” Anyone that’s into technology and cars needs to own a Tesla, and these vehicles are only getting smarter and smarter thanks to their over-the-air updates.

#4 — Cogito

Originally co-founded by CEO, Joshua Feast and, Dr. Sandy Pentland, Cogito is quite possibly one of the most powerful examples of behavioral adaptation to improve the emotional intelligence of customer support representatives that exists on the market today. The company is a fusion of machine learning and behavioral science to improve the customer interaction for phone professionals. This applies to millions upon millions of voice calls that are occurring on a daily basis.

#5 — Boxever

Boxever, co-founded by CEO, Dave O’Flanagan, is a company that leans heavily on machine learning to improve the customer’s experience in the travel industry and deliver ‘micro-moments,’ or experiences that delight the customers along the way. It’s through machine learning and the usage of A.I. that the company has dominated the playing field, helping its customers to find new ways to engage their clients in their travel journeys.

#6 — John Paul

John Paul, a highly-esteemed luxury travel concierge company helmed by its astute founder, David Amsellem, is another powerful example of potent A.I. in the predictive algorithms for existing-client interactions, able to understand and know their desires and needs on an acute level. The company powers the concierge services for millions of customers through the world’s largest companies such as VISA, Orange and Air France, and was recently acquired by Accor Hotels.

#7 — Amazon.com

Amazon’s transactional A.I. is something that’s been in existence for quite some time, allowing it to make astronomical amounts of money online. With its algorithms refined more and more with each passing year, the company has gotten acutely smart at predicting just what we’re interested in purchasing based on our online behavior. While Amazon plans to ship products to us before we even know we need them, it hasn’t quite gotten there yet. But it’s most certainly on its horizons.

#8 — Netflix

Netflix provides highly accurate predictive technology based on customer’s reactions to films. It analyzes billions of records to suggest films that you might like based on your previous reactions and choices of films. This tech is getting smarter and smarter by the year as the dataset grows. However, the tech’s only drawback is that most small-labeled movies go unnoticed while big-named movies grow and balloon on the platform.

#9 — Pandora

Pandora’s A.I. is quite possibly one of the most revolutionary techs that exists out there today. They call it their musical DNA. Based on 400 musical characteristics, each song is first manually analyzed by a team of professional musicians based on this criteria, and the system has an incredible track record for recommending songs that would otherwise go unnoticed but that people inherently love.

#10 — Nest

Most everyone is familiar with Nest, the learning thermostat that was acquired by Google in January of 2014 for $3.2 billion. The Nest learning thermostat, which, by the way, can now be voice-controlled by Alexa, uses behavioral algorithms to predicatively learn from your heating and cooling needs, thus anticipating and adjusting the temperature in your home or office based on your own personal needs, and also now includes a suite of other products such as the Nest cameras.

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