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Education System of India ranks at 92nd – as per the article in India Today. India’s population largely comprises of the age group 15-65. Every developed country looks at India as a cheap source of labor.
Why is that even happening that World looks at India as Cheap Labor Source?
No, No.. Population is not be blamed here.

Basically as an Indian, I personally think that every developed nation should be looking at India as a source of innovative & creative minds. India can be become a Super Power within no time, the only issue which needs to be addressed is the education system.
How we are even thinking about making India as a Super Power without considering the fact of low level of educational system ?Education system in India basically focuses on the memorization capabilities of a individual. It teaches how to memorize and no emphasis is given on developing thinking capabilities of an individual. Just look around yourself, everything you see, is developed by the human brain. And Guess what ??

All of us have it, but the educational system failed to play its part in terms of developing the thinking ability.Teaching should be emphasized on – How to think & not how to memorize. Overall development of thinking capabilities of brain should be the base of any educational system.

I read in a book , The Art of Thinking Clearly, written by Rolf Dobelli, about a mental model ” Social Proof”. The text of the chapter on Social Proof started with a wonderfully written quote, ” If 50 million people say something foolish, it is still foolish.” The media never highlights the unsuccessful individuals. They will talk about successful individual only which includes the habits, routines and what not. T.V. channels never highlights true picture. This mental model Social Proof applies here.

Let us see how –

People & Media talk about Google’s CEO, Microsoft’s CEO, Indian scientists at NASA and think that India has the robust education system, which is quite a wrong assumption to make. If that was true than, today we would have been already a Super Power.

We cannot build anything without a strong & sustainable base. We talk about corruption, religion, women safety & all. But the root of all the issues we face in society today is the – poor level of educational system.


No proper education system leads to – No proper development of mind or thinking capabilities which further leads – to Poor or no level of competence & capabilities for any job or startup. It further leads unemployment.
In all of this, the basic human needs are still intact, which leads to all the wrong doings.There is a need for massive change in the educational system, Effective Immediately. The Ultimate Objective – needs to be, of becoming employment giver & not seeker.

The base of overall development of any country depends upon the educational system.There are so many issues related to the Indian labor force working out of India, viz no standard of living, poor wages, no social security & so on. WHY all the MNC’s prefers to hire from IIT & IIM. Why other Institutions are not able to create equal job opportunities for the candidates ?

We are the user of inventions made by foreign countries. We are not on the creation side. We need to be on creation side and for that we need a robust educational system.

Soon the Artificial Intelligence will be replacing humans in many areas. So how the children will be competing with A.I if they are thought such low level and old education.

The objective of this post was to highlight crucial issue which we have been ignoring from quite a long time.

India’s education system needs to be far better than it is today: Bill Gates.
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