Electric Car | Two Wheeled Electric Car of the Future Is Being Tested in China

Electric Car of the Future Is Being Tested in China

Electric Car of the future which has only two wheels is being tested in China. Inspired by 1961 Gyron, the futuristic one-person transporter may start selling by 2020. The two-wheeled vehicle whizzing around a Beijing test track is a mashup of motorcycle, electric car and space capsule, wrapped around the brain of a smartphone. And engineer Zhu Lingyun believes it will be on public roads within two years.

Some Key Features – Lingyun’s 1703 prototype Electric Car

  • Inspired from Ford’s Gyron.
  • Beijing Lingyun’s Gyrocar is about 3 meters (10 feet) long and 1 meter wide,
  • It has only one seat for one person.
  • It has no steering wheel or acceleration pedal
  • It reach a speed of 100 kph (62 mph).
  • It will cost less than 100,000 yuan ($16,000) if assembly lines can produce about 5,000 to 10,000 units a year
  • Gyrocar battery has a range of 100 kilometers and batteries shall be removable and rechargeable at home.
Electric Car Two Wheeled Electric Car of the Future Is Being Tested
Source – Bloomberg

Zhu built a streamlined version that resembles an escape pod from a science-fiction movie. Beijing Lingyun Intelligent Technology Co. plans to build the gyrocar itself and may pick a domestic location for its factory this month, with a goal to start sales in 2020.

The Ford’s Gyron had two seats, a cockpit-like passenger compartment and tail fins mimicking the silhouette of fighter-jet wings. It never went into production, though it spawned a lineup of collectible toys.

Zhu founded his company in 2014 to develop a 21st-century version. He started Lingyun with 3 million yuan ($470,000) in Angel Investments and three other employees, and now he is planning to raise funds for mass production.

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Zhu’s company currently is valued at $60 million. Car is used by a single person, so car for one person has market prospects. The 1703 prototype can drive autonomously – a promotional video shows a woman applying lipstick and checking her iPhone as she spins around a parking lot. It can even be controlled by using a computer mouse and 24-inch screen. The gyroscope balancing the car is under the seat, and doors open on both sides. Retractable wheels are under the doors.


During a test drive, the gyrocar was quiet and stable, and more nimble than a traditional car when making turns. Beijing Lingyun also built a version with a steering wheel and brake, which likely will reach showrooms first.

Zhu said,“We created something that the auto industry hasn’t been able to present to the market in over 100 years, the gyrocar carries people’s imagination about future transportation.’’

Source – Bloomberg

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