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Father’s Day Best Gifts Ideas | Father’s Day June 2018

Father’s Day Best Gifts Ideas | Father’s Day June 2018

Father’s Day Best Gifts Ideas

Father’s Day is upon us, it’s the magical time of the year where you open up your wallet in order to make him happy. As always for the gift, there are many different options but choosing the right one for your father isn’t always easy. With that in mind, I have compiled 11 diverse options because I remember how hard it is to pick something that would really be useful and well received.

Forget about buying socks, sweaters, ties and that perfume set you usually go for. In this article I will make sure to list the things your loved ones would love to receive.

The goal with this post is to gift things or experiences that would really impact in a positive way to the receiver. You don’t necessarily need to spend more than you’d normally would on a gift, but if your budget allows it, with just a 10% or 20% increase in your budget you can dramatically increase the quality of your gift making it a lot more relevant and memorable.

But at the end of the day, you just need to make the best possible gifts according to what you can afford. So here is the list of 11 Best Gifts for Father’s Day from my perspective :-

A Quality Bathrobe – Everyone needs a premium bathrobe. You don’t know you needed it until you get it. It’s the type of thing that improves the quality of your life by a little, but that little bit is noticeable. A bathrobe is usually associated with luxury hotels and comfort so bringing that feeling into the home is priceless.

Quality Headphones – A good pair of headphones dramatically changes the way we experience reality. Sometimes you just need to turn the world off and do your own thing. That’s where these headphones come in. I recommend going for something a little bit higher because every buck you spend extra on headphones will get you a noticeable increase in quality.

Vinyl record player – You know Vinyl is back right ? There’s a certain appeal to vinyl which intrigues most people, making it a perfect gift. Just think about it.

A Cashmere Scarf  – This is the only generic gift on this list, but I had to spice it up. If you’re going to gift someone something so generic make sure it’s of premium quality. Most people underestimate the versatility and the importance of a scarf because they never had one of high quality.

Travel Bag – I have always been surprised that people don’t have decent travel bag, which makes it for the perfect gift. People will definitely use it and it’s one of those things they never thought that they needed before they got one.

Premium blend of Coffee – This depends of course if the one you’re giving the gift to is a coffee drinker. But to be honest, we don’t trust people who aren’t into coffee. There’s something fishy about them.

A set of 5 Books – I am a big fan of books and it always has always will be a great gift to give someoneThe magic is, to get more than 1. If you’re buying someone a single book you better know that they really really wanted it but for some reason never got it, that there’s some emotional thing going on. Otherwise, pick 5 books that fit the person. Try to put together the personality of the person through 5 books from different authors and different perspectives. That’s what makes the gift so great. You can gift them a self-help book, a book about the universe, a book about learning to instruments and so on.

Quality Sunglasses – Life is too short to wear cheap sunglasses. It’s time to grow up and level up to what adults use. A decent pair of Ray Bans will enhance the quality of seeing immediately! If you wanna go for an experience get yourself one and see for yourself. Life is meant to be enjoyed, don’t live it behind some boring looking shades.

Swiss Knife – We can’t remember the number of times we were on the go and wanted to open a bottle of wine but there was no corkscrew around. This bad boy can be a literal life-saver. It’s small, it’s compact, it’s fancy and it gets the job done.

Wrist WatchThe gift of a timepiece is a lasting, thoughtful choice. If your father is the type to obsess over technology, facts and figures the Citizen Eco-Drive Blue Angels World Chronograph is a natural companion.

Premium Bottle of Champagne

There are very few gifts that are better than a good bottle of champagne. Champagne means celebration and premium champagne is reserved for the very good times ahead.

Whatever you do, don’t buy a gift basket. It lacks personality and people hate receiving them. Unless you put it together yourself.


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