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Intelligent People Stay Single | WHY

Intelligent People Stay Single | WHY

Intelligent People Stay Single WHY ?

Intelligent people who are perceptive and good at reading personalities are easily able to locate and see people’s red flags from a mile away. The truth is, in conversations, nobody really reveals how f** up they are, how bad they are at decision making or how many mistakes they have made repeatedly. Instead what people do is, they show how awesome they are. In doing so, the only emotion allowed to be felt is amazement. So naturally you’d fall for the person because you are thinking they are amazing.

It’s only after a while of knowing them you realize they are severely unreliable. And their actions and promises have no correlation or they are the opposite of the personality they sold to you. Normally people buy this initial personalities and learn the hard way around. But perceptive smart people, have learn not to rely on what the other is selling. They do their own investigation and without the acknowledgement of the other person are able to silently figure out what their actual behavioral tendencies are. So here is the WHY – Intelligent stay single.

Trust – After meeting so many people with the disjointed relationship between the action and words it becomes very hard to trust people. A clever person knows not to trust the first impression so there rely on data from people’s past. On wanting to know about the past two things happen –

  1. People conceal information or always adjust their stories portraying themselves in the right. As in every scenario they were wronged by others. This is Bullshit. And it makes hard to trust them.
  2. People truthfully reveal their past and you realize it’s full of dysfunctional choices that follow a pattern. In this case dating then becomes a Leap of Faith, because you are unsure if they have overcome this pattern in which they repeatedly do something that screws their own peace.

Conflict of Interest – It is very hard to find people with similar interests, pursuits and philosophies. Intelligent people especially function on very strong philosophies. They have grown to accept only after thinking, reading and debating a lot. In conversations whenever they hear a philosophical or ideological belief they know is stupid, they intensely – put off. The same goes with peoples interest and likes or the lack of any, which shows their personalities which are either empty or borrowed. People generally don’t give much thought to their belief, ideologies or principles which is why so many people are confused. 

Vibrant Social Life – Intelligent people mostly are not fans of a vibrant social life. They feel no need for it. And as you know people crave a healthy social life as if they will die without social life. I mean socializing, going out, clubbing, meeting or getting to know more people, increasing the following, friendship count on social media. This is all bullshit. There is a reason why most of the greatest geniuses throughout history were reclusive or had a very small close circle of friends. 

Intelligent people are selecting their partners on the basis of minimizing the risk of hurt, stress, headache and maximizing growth, productivity and happiness. 

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