Money | 15 Things that money can buy for you today

Money | 15 Things Money CAN BUY for YOU

Money can pretty much buy you everything. Here are 15 things money can buy for you right now and why it’s important for you to know because it might give you a new perspective on things. Really, everything is on the table if you’ve got the right resources and your ability to understand this, will help you in achieving your full potential in life.

MONEY isn’t the goal, it’s the tool that will get you close enough to your goals so that you can conquer it yourself.

We live in a world where everything is for sale. To be honest there are so many more things I wanted to include in this post but then it would end up being at least an hour long read, so maybe I will do a part 2 at some point.

So here are the 15 things that MONEY CAN BUY FOR YOU:-

Money is the ultimate tool of freedom. It grants you access and allows you to move freely. If you have enough money, you can buy your way out of jail, just pay the bail and get yourself a good lawyer who can bend the truth in your favor. You don’t like your geography, just buy yourself a new citizenship. Did you know that for $ 500,000 you can buy yourself a GREEN CARD in the United States ? It’s called an investor visa. This is a 7 billion dollars global market. Just to give you guys a few prices, buying a passport from MALTA would set you back $ 1.3 million , from CYPRUS $ 2.5 Million, United Kingdom $ 2.5 million. To put things into perspective, Chinese people alone spent over $ 30 Billion in the last 10 years in order to purchase their golden visa freedom.

Money buys you all forms of security. From physical & psychological security, to financial security. Not only you can hire people to protect your well being but you can also acquire advanced tools that dramatically increase your chances for both survival and prosperity. For example, a luxury SUV car dramatically increases your chances of survival in a car crash. The availability of cash ensures you are positioned correctly not to be affected by fluctuations in the marketplace. When the next financial crisis comes, the rich don’t panic, but instead go on a shopping spree.

One of the advantages of being really wealthy is that it allows you to start over if you desire to. In most civilized societies there is no need for this since the system is working decently, but if you are in a conflicted geography, money can mean the difference from getting killed to buying yourself a new identity and moving to a country where the is no threat. Just to give you an idea on how cheap this can be, in countries like Saudi Arabia or the region, buying a fake passport and fake id will cost you no more than 2000 dollars. With it, you can go on a plane, fly all over to London and restart your life. These type of services are available to people with extensive financial resources, it’s not about the money, it’s about the access to the service that’s hard to come by. If your business failed, your friends betrayed you but you have the money, you can relocate and start from scratch. It isn’t easy, but it is possible.

In a world that is getting more and more transparent day by day, privacy has become a true luxury. The rich spend tremendous amounts of money in order to keep themselves out of the limelight.

One of the Editor of Forbes once told, “There are people who pay good money to show up in Forbes and then there are people who pay even more money to be left out.”

Almost everybody dreams of fame, but once you get it, you realize that living a normal life is no longer possible. When you’ve got extensive financial resources, you become a target. That’s why privacy is something the rich always make sure they have.

People never look deeper than the surface, they just read the headline and form an opinion based on that. That’s how the world got filled with fake news. With that said, it is something the rich can manipulate in their favor. You can use the power of the media to alter the perception of the masses. Donate to a hospital, but make sure the press is there. Donate to a disaster relief and show up to the ground site along the press will do wonders for your image. Celebrities especially leverage media to their advantage, because it allows them to earn even more money on the long run.

Access to large sums of money allow you to make the decisions you really want in life. No compromises. The people with no money find themselves in positions where they don’t have much choice or if they decline it will reflect negatively on themselves and their family, so they go along with things. Don’t get me wrong, the rich can be affected by this as well, but they at least have the option to say no.
Remember that you can not purchase forgiveness, but you can allow yourself the luxury of passing off a financial opportunity that could have a negative impact on your conscious.

Money can make your life incredibly comfortable. And that comfort has a lot of benefits over the long run. The house you dream about, you can buy it. Wake up every morning feeling ecstatic, proud of your accomplishments. Share the breakfast with your family. Know that their life is comfortable and they don’t have to struggle with the unnecessary pains that come with being poor. With the exception of very few things that are of emotional nature, comfort will drastically impact your life and make it feel like it’s worth living. The transition from an old, rusty car, to a maybach’s leather seats and comfort can turn your perspective on life upside down.

Money allows you access to prime medicine, to new technologies and give you an edge and a fighting chance against all forms of illness. This has become a luxury that the poor can not afford. The pharma industry is using its monopoly to manipulate the pricing of medicine and unfortunately for the lower and middle class, they might not be able to keep up. If you’ve got a rare form of illness you are unlikely to survive it without access to extensive financial resources. Money buys you prevention as well, you eat better, you live better, you can get a personal trainer and extend your lifespan.

As technology improves, money will allow the rich to prolong their lives as much they want to while the poor will be left to scrap around.

Confidence is a combination between how you feel about yourself and what you read on other people about what they think of you. Both can be increased and tilted in your favor with money. People have always split others into introverts and extroverts. I like to think of introverts as people who have not yet updated their skill sets to be able to behave like extroverts if that’s what they want. The truth is, confidence is such an important part of success in life that it’s a wonder more people don’t take the time to see how they can improve in this regard.
The easiest thing to do is to go to public speaking classes, learn how to dress correctly and how to behave around other people, it will do wonders in all aspects of your life.
Something I want you to keep in mind is that Confidence is just a spice you add on top of an already incredible meal, but by itself it won’t get you far. The worst thing you can be, is a confident individual without anything to back it up. Don’t be that guy or girl.

People love to throw around the idea that “Money can’t buy you time”, but the truth is, it actually can, you just don’t know how to do it. We all have the same number of hours in a day, but the rich purchase a big chunk of those for themselves. You see, the rich have figured out that they can pay other people to do things they have to do, which would have resulted in them losing time. This is a very strong concept which will help you want to become successful in life. You need to be able to purchase the time of others and use it for yourself.
The rich outsource boring and repetitive tasks so they can focus on more important things. The poor are the ones who sell their own time in exchange for money.

Money can’t buy happiness directly, but it can buy pleasure.
You know the s** life you’ve always dream about? Money can get it for you! Money can expand your flavor pallet, you’ll discover foods, tastes, smells and other emotional states that otherwise would be unavailable to you. The entire way you perceive the world will change for the better. On top of everything, Money can buy you experiences and experiences eventually turn out into memories which can translate to happiness over time.

So if done right you might find yourself that pleasure is a loophole for happiness.
When you offer someone else pleasure, their experience of the pleasure turns into happiness and they share that happiness with you. That’s the secret to buying happiness, you buy it for someone else and they share it with you.
It’s a tricky little thing that very few people come to learn and use in life, but those who do are dramatically happier than the rest.

Travel allows someone the ability to learn more about the world and about himself. The cost of travel has gone down in the recent years but yet it is still unavailable to most people. The beauty in travel is that you’re able to immerse yourself in different culture, to expose yourself to different points of view and to know the things that was outside your reach before. The world is like a book and people who don’t travel only read one page of it! What a pity that is. Travel is one of those things that actually makes you richer when you buy it. There’s a big big difference between being a traveler and being a tourist. Tourism is a product while travel is something you experience for yourself. The world is on the verge of definitive globalization and travel will allow you to be sensitive to other people’s cultures and get ready for what’s coming next.

People massively underestimate the power of the present, they’re willing to throw the present away for a future that’s way ahead, it might even never come. But why do people neglect the present? It’s because they fail to understand on a deeper level that the present is instantly the past and the past is the foundation on which you are able to make the right moves into the future. If your foundation is weak, you will not be able to create a sustainable future, because you lack the things that bind it all together as a person.
Invest in the present! The key word here is “INVEST”, because unless it will pay out big dividends in the future, you’re just wasting it. Use the money you have to purchase smart experiences, which will turn into memories which are the brickstones of who you are as a person, for a person is not more than the sum of all his previous actions.

Money buys you beautiful and interesting things. Ironically, money can buy you priceless art. It can buy you a private jet, every supercar you can afford, it can even buy you a tank or a shark submarine. It doesn’t matter if you find them valuable for the long term, these are object that are out of reach for the average individual and even if they put a smile on your face for a little while, it’s all worth it. Deep down everyone wants to escape from the world once in a while and money will afford you that.
How epic would it be, to have a big house somewhere in the woods or on the beach depending on your preference where you would take all your closest friends and hang out undisturbed for a week? That’s what money can buy for you!

All the things I have mentioned so far are pretty incredible and you need serious amounts of money to tag off everything on this list. The beauty of itis that, “IF YOU ALREADY HAVE MONEY, YOU CAN ACTUALLY BUY MORE OF IT.”

You just need to learn how
Rich people use money to buy more money all the time. That’s what they do when they “INVEST”. Investments are particular action that lead to the increase of your capital, which in turn allows you to make even more investments which will grow your money even more. The sooner you understand how this works, the sooner you’ll be able to escape poverty.

Use your current money, no matter how little it is, to find ways to make more and than leverage that for even more capital gains. Do that enough times, be smart about it and the world becomes your playground.

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Bonus Point – Money can actually buy you a place in History.

A person is dies twice,

  • First is when people bury him
  • Second is when people stop taking his name.

Money can help you to leave a legacy so that it will make you immortal.

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