Originals The Originals centers on the Mikaelson siblings, otherwise known as the world’s original vampires: Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt). Now Klaus must take down his protégé, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), who is now in charge of New Orleans, in order to re-take his city, as he originally built New Orleans. Klaus departed from the city after being chased down by his father Mikael, while it was being constructed and Marcel took charge. As Klaus has returned after many years, his ego has provoked him to become the king of the city. “Every King needs an heir” says Klaus, accepting the unborn child. The child is a first to be born to a hybrid (part vampire, part werewolf) and a werewolf (Hayley).

Episode 01 – Where You Left Your Heart – Download

Episode 02 – One wrong turn on Bourbon – Download

Episode 03 – Ne Me Quitte Pas – Download

Episode 04 – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – Download

Episode 05 – Don’t It Just Break Your Heart – Download

Episode 06 – What, Will, I, Have, Left – Download

Episode 07 – God’s Gonna Trouble the Water – Download

Episode 08 – The Kindness of Strangers – Download

Episode 09 – We Have Not Long to Love – Download

Episode 10 – There in the Disappearing Light – Download

Episode 11 – Til the Day I Die – Download

Episode 12 – The Tale of Two Wolves – Download

Episode 13 – When the Saints Go Marching In – Download

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